Working with tables in AngularJS

There are several scenarios where we need to represent the data in a tabular format. AngularJS provides us with ng-repeat directive which makes it easier to deal with tables wherever needed. There is also an $index element AngularJS provides us with, which is set to the item index or key while iterating through the loop with ng-repeat. There are other angular elements as well, such as $first, $middle, $last, $odd, $even. We will be exploring some of them in the below example –

Below is the html file we have, with it’s content as:

Let’s have a small CSS written for the table:

Finally will be the JS file as:

Make sure you include this JS file into your HTML file in a <script> tag.

Running this, I could see the output on my browser screen as:

Using tables with AngularJS

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