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Introduction to Spring Boot

1. Spring Boot Introduction While Spring already provides a strong MVC framework, Transaction Management, Messaging support, Web Services, etc, Spring Boot came by storm and started shadowing it by taking over the hassles of configurations, thus considerably reducing the development time. Let’s elaborate what Spring Boot benefits us with. What if – There could be someone who could

How to load properties using Spring Boot @ConfigurationProperties

Spring Boot has a very elegant way to load properties, which we can provide the standard way as in – application.properties [crayon-5b2b15269006d344266549/] or in a hierarchical yml format as – application.yml [crayon-5b2b152690076235397428/] Its perfectly fine to move on with the approach of your choice. Below snapshot depicts the Spring Boot project structure with property files

First RESTful Service with Spring Boot

Introduction Having the Spring Boot setup ready in Eclipse, we will create a simple RESTful Service application with Spring Boot. If you are still struggling with the Spring Boot setup in Eclipse, click here. Implementation With the Spring Boot initial project setup, you will notice that the SpringBootDemoApplication class is already available inside the project, which

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