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Introduction to Web Services

What Are Web Services? The name itself describes a lot, ‘Web + Service‘, which means the service which are available on the web. To go back a little into the past, there was a time the IT industry was finding a way to communicate with each other, when the leaders in the IT industry such

Introduction to SOAP based Web Services

SOAP is a Simple Object Access Protocol, which decides the format in which the data is to be sent and received across different systems. Communication between the web service and client happens using XML messages. SOAP defines the rules for communication like what tags should be used in the XML and the special meanings they denote.

RESTful Web Service example with Spring 4

1. Introduction We have learnt about the RESTful web service in our previous article. Hope we all have been through that article. If not, I would recommend a quick read by clicking here. In this article, we will create very basic and simple RESTful web service application with Spring MVC. We will primarily concentrate on the RestController in this article, while

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