Interview Questions

Interview Questions on Collections in Java

When to use a Map in java? Lists and Maps are different data structures. Maps are used for when you want to associate a key with a value and Lists are an ordered collection. How does HashMap work? Difference between Arraylist and Vector. Difference between Arraylist and LinkedList....

Interview Questions on Exception Handling in Java

How have you handled exceptions in the projects that you have worked on? You can check the below link to learn about the basic exception handling in Java. Have you used custom exceptions? Why do we need custom exceptions? How many types of exceptions are there? Could...

Interview Questions on Polymorphism in Java

What is Polymorphism in Java? Polymorphism is derived from two greek words, ‘Poly’ which means ‘many’ and ‘morph’ which means ‘form’. Therefore, we can say that Polymorphism is the ability of an object to exist in multiple forms. How can Polymorphism be achieved in Java? Through method overloading and method overriding. Can...
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