Introduction to jQuery

jQuery Introduction

jQuery is a javascript library created by John Resig in 2006. If you understand HTML, Document Object Model (DOM) and javascript basics, it will be quite easy to learn jQuery.

Long ago when jQuery was introduced, developers all over struggled to write everything in plain javascript. With the motive of – ‘Write less do more’, jQuery soon started getting exposure and developers slowly started adapting it. Today, jQuery is one of the most popularly used javascript libraries worldwide.

Write less do more

Below are some of the core features of jQuery –
  • DOM traversing/manipulation
  • Event handling
  • Simpler AJAX calls
  • Easy animations
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has cross browser support

Installation of jQuery

You can download the latest jQuery version at

There are two versions of jQuery that is available for download –

  • Minified version – Prod version – compact and compressed form
  • Development version – Uncompressed and readable form
To start using jQuery, make sure the <head> tag in your HTML has the <script> source pointing to the downloaded jQuery library.

JavaScript is the default scripting language in HTML5 and in all modern browsers, which is why we do not need to specify the type=”text/javascript” inside the <script> tag any more.

Javascript library versus Javascript framework

A library is a collection of functions / objects that serves a particular purpose. We could use a library in a variety of projects. A library is something you build with. For example – jQuery

A framework is a collection of patterns and libraries to help with building an application. A framework is something that you build on. For example – AngularJS

Applying this to compare jQuery and Angular,  jQuery is a single tool (that primarily solves one specific problem: DOM manipulation) whereas Angular is a whole toolbox built over jQuery with all kind of tools for different problems (like routing, model-bindings, DOM manipulation, templating, etc.). As jQuery, Angular doesn’t provide us with the APIs.

jqLite (subset of jQuery) is a part of the AngularJS and is by-default used by Angular for DOM manipulations, until we explicitly provide it with a jQuery library.

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