Ajax File Upload with Servlet and Bootstrap


In this tutorial, we will check how Ajax file upload works with Servlets. Also we will decorate our form with Bootstrap and ajaxify file upload through jQuery Ajax.


The basic servlet implementation is the same. So the first thing we need to do is update our web.xml file and specify servlets for our application.


Note that the welcome page specified is home.jsp. So when we run the servlet application, the application should find the welcome page jsp and the servlet class i.e. DemoFileUploadServlet.


In home.jsp we have the HTML form for file upload, which uses Bootstrap. We also have the <script> tag added at the top, which has the jquery code to ajaxify the form submit action.

Next lets create the servlet class –


Ensure the pom.xml file has the following dependencies added.


Executing the application

When we execute the application, we see the below HTML form.

File Upload in Servlets

Choose the file and click on Submit. Once the file gets uploaded successfully, we get an alert saying – ‘File has been uploaded successfully’.

File Upload using Servlet and ajax

Download the source code

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