Easy integration of Spring MVC with Angular JS

1. Introduction

With BeanNameViewResolver and Content Negotiation strategy, we have already learnt to return desired outputs in JSON or XML, based on the application requirements for a RESTful web service or otherwise. In the same application, we will go ahead with the integration of Spring MVC with Angular JS. I would request you to go through the previous demo on Content Negotiation in Spring Framework to produce a JSON output first before we go ahead with Angular JS integration.

2. Implementation

Let’s create a JSP file that invokes the AngularJS controller with scope object injected as one of the parameters while consuming the JSON data. Controller function updates the current scope object based on the implemented business logic (though our demo function hardly contains any).


3. Useful Links

4. Executing the application

Without any further changes, right click on the project and select ‘Run on server’. What we see rendered on the browser is what we have written in our index.jsp file above.

Spring MVC with Angular JS

5. Download the source code

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