Here it is, all the way! Now enroll yourself for getting trained in several technologies at jCombat. The registrations are already open. Hurry!

Technology stack @ jCombat:

  1. Core Java with an introduction to MVC – Rs. 5000
  2. Spring MVC – Rs. 5500
  3. Spring MVC with Spring Web Flow
  4. Spring MVC with Thymeleaf and Spring Web Flow
  5. Core Java with JSP/Servlets – Rs. 6000
  6. Struts
  7. Spring MVC with Hibernate – Rs. 8000
  8. Spring MVC with Spring Security – Rs. 9000
  9. Core Javascript – Rs. 4000
  10. Core Javascript with AJAX
  11. DOJO – Rs. 5000
  12. jQuery – Rs. 5000
  13. Angular JS – Rs. 5000
  14. HTML/CSS – Rs. 2000
  15. HTML/CSS/Bootstrap JS – Rs. 3000
  16. PHP with MySQL – Rs. 5000
  17. Web Development with HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/MySQL – Two day workshop – Rs. 8000
  18. Advanced Web Development with HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/MySQL/Live Hosting/SEO – Rs. 9000
  19. Java Web Services
  20. Java Messaging Service (JMS) – One day workshop – Rs. 5000

Training Location: Wakad, Pune


Wednesday – 6am to 8am
Saturday – 10am to 1pm

Preferred Audience: Newbies/Noobs/Freshers having basic hands-on with at-least one programming language.

Why to choose us? Note that jCombat is not a typical training institute that is fueled by exploiting your need to learn. The course structure has been carefully planned based on the current trend and demand of the IT industry and we can assure you a breezy satisfaction as you near the completion of a course that you had chosen to pursue. What if not?? If not, take back whatever you had paid for the course.

Queries/suggestions awaited. Kindly comment or add me for discussion over Skype @ jcombatsupport.

Thank you and wish you a very Happy Learning! 🙂