Understanding regular expressions with Notepad++

In this post, I would like to emphasize on the power of Notepad++ with regular expressions. It’s not just a text editor or any medium to check your opening closing tags and braces. With thousands of line to edit as a result of some requirement change, involving hundreds of files within a directory, how many hours do you think you can finish off in? I guarantee it would take around 6-7 hours with 99% perfection and further an hour or so, to find this 0.1% mistake you did while editing.

As a purpose to demonstrate, I created a simple text file, demo.txt as shown below:

Notepad++ Tricks

Scenario 1:

Method 1:

I need to remove the text that follows the word ‘demo

Select ‘demo’ in the notepad++ window and press Ctrl+H

Select the search mode as ‘Regular Expression

Find for (\<demo\>)(.*$)

() – Used for grouping during Find and Replace

So I formed two groups: (\<demo\>) and (.*$)

\1 corresponds to (\<demo\>)

\2 corresponds to (.*$)

Click on ‘Find Next‘, you will see something like:



In the ‘Replace with‘ box, just enter \1

So, ‘demo‘ word followed by anything on a line, gets replaced now with ‘demo‘ as:


Method 2:

Find what: (demo)[ ].*$

Replace with: demo

Scenario 2:

Add something to the start of every line

Find what: ^

Replace with: <some-text>

Scenario 3:

Delete all empty lines

Find what: \r

Replace with: <blank>

Scenario 4:

Add something to the end of every line

Find what: \$

Replace with: <blank>

Queries most welcomed as comments to this post.

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